We have formulated a strategy for growth capable of fulfilling our future plans and ambitions and also evolutionary in that it builds upon our heritage , public benefit mission and existing strengths. These strengths are founded on the distinctive and inter-related mix of academic services and management policies.

  • Goal 1: Deliver Academic Excellence
    Invest in our academic excellence to widen student access through flexible learning and to fulfill an ambitious program of research promotion and facilitation in the humanities.
  • Goal 2: Provide Innovative High Quality Academic Support & Professional Services
    Develop, augment and commercialize our portfolio of services for the institute’s members and the education sector, with the aim to be the “go to” provider of students and academic support services.
  • Goal 3: Manage a High performing Organization
    Manage a High performing Organization Increases our investment in staff development , encourage a common purpose across our diverse activities and enhance our capacity where gaps exist, in order to deliver our plans.
  • Goal 4: Improving and Analyzing Student Feedback
    Improving how we obtain and respond to student feedback , to ensure uniformly high academic standards across the Institutions..
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