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Welcome to the two days national ​seminar on Application of Explainable AI ​in healthcare, an immersive journey into ​the fascinating world of Artificial ​Intelligence (AI) with transparency and ​interpretability as its core principles.

In an era where AI systems are ​increasingly integrated into our daily ​lives, understanding how these ​algorithms make decisions is paramount. ​This program aims to equip faculty ​members with the knowledge and tools ​necessary to comprehend, teach, and ​implement AI systems that can provide ​meaningful explanations for their actions.

Throughout these two days, we will expl​ore the foundations of XAI, cover​ing techniques such as rule-based syste​ms, model interpretability, and post ​hoc explanation methods. We will delve i​nto real-world applications of XAI​ in healthcare domai​n​.

Our distinguished instructors and expe​rts will lead engaging sessions, hands​-on workshops, and discussions, fosterin​g a collaborative learning environment.​ By the end of this program, you will be bet​ter equipped to empower your students w​ith the skills and insights needed to build​ AI systems that are not only powerful ​but also transparent and accountab​l​e.

Join us in this exciting journey​ to demystify AI and make it more accessi​ble and responsible. Let's embark on t​his transformative learning experie​nce togethe​r​!​


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Two Days National Seminar


“Application of

Explainable AI in ​Healthcare”

4th - 8th November 2024

Organized by

Department of AIML & CST


Block A, Phase III, Kalyani, Nadia - 741235

West Bengal

Ph. No: +91 033 2582 2138


E-mail: info.jiscollege@jisgroup.org

Organizing Committee

Chief Patron : Sardar Taranjit Singh

MD, JIS Group

Patron : Prof. (Dr.) Partha Sarkar

Principal, JISCE

Convener : Dr. Sitanath Biswas

Head , Dept. of AIML & CST

Coordinator : Prof. Saswati Rakshit

Members : Dr. Bikramjit Sarkar

Dr. Monish M. Das

Mr. Subhadip Goswami

Dr. Soumyabrata Saha


JIS College of Engineering ​Address: Block A, Phase III, PO. ​Kalyani, Dist. Nadia - 741235,West ​Bengal

Who should attend?

As applications of Explainable AI ​become widespread in society, we ​believe that all faculty should have a ​good understanding of the ​underlying concepts and principles ​of AI to enable one to apply them in ​one’s research work or for teaching ​or in any industrial context.

Faculty of Engineering Colleges, ​Researchers, Industry Persons can ​take part in the programme. The in-​depth Knowledge of Explainable AI ​can escalate the research culture ​and career opportunities.

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Fundamentals of Explainable AI

Dr. Sujata Dash


Department of Computer ​Science & Engineering, ​Nagaland University

Considerations in AI Implementation in ​Healthcare

Nanda Dulal Jana

Assistant Professor, ​Department of Computer ​Science & Engineering,

NIT Durgapur

Interpretable Models in Healthcare

Dr. Nibaran Das

Professor, Department of ​Computer Science & ​Engineering,

Jadavpur University

Case Studies and Real-World ​Applications


Assistant Professor, ​Deaprtment of Computer ​Science & Engineering, Indian ​IIIT Kalyani

Future Trends and Research ​Opportunities

Utpal Roy

Professor, Department of ​Computer & System Sciences, ​Siksha-Bhavana Visva-Bharati