Plans of the Institution for the Forth Coming Year

Teaching Learning Process

  • To make Curriculum content analysis mandatory for all faculties in all disciplines
  • To encourage Learning centric environment and practice active leaning
  • To put emphasis on Model based learning/ problem based learning with specific outcome
  • Making Curriculum content analysis mandatory for all faculties in all disciplines
  • To put cross-disciplinary academic audit between similar departments
  • To enhance stakeholders feedback from Students, Guardian, Faculty, Alumni, Employer, Board.

Infrastructure development and Civil works:

  • To complete the construction of a separate Civil Engineering wing and start conduction of programme in this new venue
  • To setup new Annex building beside the CMS building in a row for the Department of Electronics and related courses viz. Instrumentation and Biomedical Engineering in multi-storied pattern
  • To expand Computer Science and Engineering in the Institutional main building

Faculty Development Programme

  • To conduct advanced module of pedagogical training for all faculty members of NITTTR
  • To encourage enrollment of more M.Tech. Faculty member for Ph.D. degree
  • Pacify faculty training in subject domain (Core, electronics, computing)
  • Increase number of training programme for technical and administrative staffs

Research and Development

  • To continue trend of hosting International conference like previous consecutive two years
  • To escalate seed grant for faculty research
  • To escalate minor amount funding in Students innovative project
  • To establish link with other Industries under the Group for seed grant against transfer of knowledge so as to attract the other funding agencies.
  • Status verification of research supervision by the empanelled faculty members
  • To apply more major research project with high value and specific objective.
  • To establish link with National Knowledge Network (NKN)
  • To open up a Knowledge Incubation Centre
  • To apply for transformation of some of the high end laboratory to Research Centre
  • Like AICTE MODROB/RPS apply in various project schemes under UGC
  • To enhance more patenting of technologies

Industry Institute partnership

  • To initiate industry sponsored R&D by collaborating with Group Industry / Local Industry and thereby attracting the funding agencies
  • To reflect more the views of the Industry representative of the BOS of various departments
  • To increase number of Guest lecture by the Industry people
  • To invite alumni's in departmental programme to share their experience with students
  • To initiate collaborative academic programmes with industry
  • To enhance joint activities with industry


  • To apply for short –term courses
  • To escalate Design Lab so as to make students role-ready
  • To encourage National and international live classes, webinars and other ICT based learning like ICTE, QEEE, NMEICT programmes hosted by MHRD-IIT.